Branded Bugs and Serious (LACK) of Security

May 9, 2014   //   by mmalone   //   Blog Posts  //  Comments Off on Branded Bugs and Serious (LACK) of Security

As far as I know, the crushing Heartbleed Bug was the first that had it's own 'Brand' associated with it.

First, it was most certainly as critical as it sounds. Among the major issues is the fact that the bug has been out there for a few years. Internet years are like dog years, so really, more like 18 years it's been out. How many banks could traditional bank robbers rob if they had 18 years and were invisible? A lot. 

Second, it wasn't 'Target' or 'TJ Maxx' that had the problem, it was nearly every company out there. Think of the volume of lawsuits that are possible. 

Anyway, this terror actually has a cute logo! OMG, LOL. I'm curious to see if there are further bugs that get their own branding and logo or if it was only this one. I suspect many future ones will. Even the NSA brands their internal systems with fun names! PRISM, MAINWAY, NUCLEON, etc. 

So, who is the face of the hacks related to the opportunities this bug created?

This unlucky spelling bee winner/computer programming student pulled a few hundred personal accounts out of the Canadian tax agency CRA. I'm sure what he did is wrong, but really, that's not the person you're going to want to look for when searching for people who exploited the Branded Bug. In fact, the smarter people will just not get caught. 

So, what's next, a bug with a smiley face? The dollar sign bug?

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