Your TV is watching you. Really.

Nov 21, 2013   //   by mmalone   //   Blog Posts  //  Comments Off on Your TV is watching you. Really.

Your private files are being beamed to somewhere in LG land. 

Whoa. Now my TV knows that I have endless videos of old trucks on adventures, and crappy videos of my kids racing bicycles. (Accompanied by the frightening voice of a waay overcafienated father urging them on). 

And in addition to my TV, my TV manufacturer knows what I'm watching as well. 

If you want to get the details straight from the source, you can check out DoctorBeet over in the UK.

What an interesting find. 

His LG Smart TV was even smarter than he could have imagined as it's sending details of not only his viewing habits, but also file information from his private USB drive inserted into the TV! So creepy!

Yes, you are being watched, and not just by the NSA. 

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