Don’t mail UR DNA says FDA (Stop disrupting us!)

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What if the FDA (Or, another Federal Agency…) just tells you to stop doing 90% of your business?

UPDATE!: Looks like the FDA gave them plenty of time to address this. Years in fact.–sector.html


When you think about disruption of traditional businesses via web based channels, you tend to think of the big things first, wiping out a huge industry. But the reality is that traditional businesses and systems can be equally disrupted by a collection of smaller cuts, such as in heathecare. What if you find out you have a high risk for cancer via a $99 test? What if you can have elective surgery to reduce or eliminate that risk and you can have the surgery overseas for a fraction of the cost in the US?

Anyway, it looks like the FDA put a stop to the $99 test. It has to be temporarily as an army of smart lawyers will figure out a way around this sooner or later. 

I wonder if the FDA itself can be disrupted to some degree by cheap tests and smart lawyers?

The FDA told 23andMe to cease sending DNA all over the place (that sort of should be illegal anyway, right?? Gross either way.)

At the time of this writing, 23andme has no update about the ruling. 

Does it make sense to have a random web company test your DNA and tell you that you have a huge risk of cancer? What if they send you someone else's results and you've told your boss to shove it already and you're headed to your boat to sail around the world before you die?

Bloomberg reported:!


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