10 Things I/’d like to see in the Google Winter Wonderlab stores.

Nov 22, 2013   //   by mmalone   //   Blog Posts  //  2 Comments

10 Things I'd like to see in the Google Winter Wonderlab stores. (If you haven't seen, google is setting up pop up stores in some locations for the holiday season). 

  2. The old youtube commenting system back.
  3. An off button for Google+.
  4. The ability to post a photo from Google+ to Facebook without resorting to passing the photo through three apps to get there.
  5. Free coffee.
  6. A cheap Chromebook that doesn't feel like it came out of a box of cereal.
  7. An option for my Chromecast to automatically switch my TV back to the correct input when I switch my device from TV back to iPad.
  8. A video of Sergey Brin and Larry Page reciting this to each other, face to face: Don't be evil.
  9. The amount of emissions Google Exec planes give off, printed on the front door, with quotes from the founders about global warming.
  10. Bikes! Everyone should have a bike!

These models are very happy. Can anyone be that happy with a store that only has 4 products in it?


All that effort Google, and this is all you came up with? 



  • Wow, just realized the gallery page has ‘coming soon’. Who….Does…..That.

  • I also want a colorful Google bike, though its colors make me think of parrot. Hope to see that in Mountain View.