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Mar 16, 2012   //   by Prescott Titus   //   Blog Posts  //  No Comments

Nine years ago, Hollis Interactive was founded by Mark Malone. The company was founded on the principle of creating interactive web applications – not just simple websites. To do this, we've endeavored to keep up with current web trends (there have been many since the company was founded), allowing us to offer clients solutions on or ahead of the cutting edge in web design. We strive to focus on clients – figuring out what they really need and what is best for them instead of simply focusing on the bottom line. Looking beyond our ninth anniversary, we will continue improving on what has helped get us where we are today, while continuing to offer clients a comprehensive package for their e-presence, including social media, SEO, web design & development, and more.

To help accomplish this, communication with both present and potential clients, as well as the web community as a whole, is increasingly important. In order to address this, we are launching this blog to cover a variety of topics, including web design, social media, technology news and, of course, information about the company itself. Our goal is to grow a community of outside-the-box thinkers who engage in open discussion and help each other, as well as our company, grow. As such, comments on blog posts are not only allowed, but encouraged (just keep it clean!). We hope this is the beginning of something fun and fulfilling not just for us, but the wider e-community interested in the same things we are.

What are some topics you all would like covered here? We're very open to suggestions – input is important to any community, especially one just beginning.

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